Finding your Inner Tweet without revealing too much

I started thinking about what i really wanted to Tweet about today.  Is it a funny antidote, or meaningful quote, an inspiring message, news worthy advice, Twitter do’s and dont’s, networking tips and tricks, marketing strategies……what?  A guilty pleasure???

Any or all of the above could or would be considered but what is the message?  Do you have your Twitter blueprint mapped out yet?  The “experts” say we should have a planned strategy and follow it.  But most of us are all over the place with our thoughts – isn’t that what Twitter is ?  A place to clean out our brains.  Shovel the excess thought garbage out to make room for more intelligent thought?

I do feel like I have purged once I Tweet.  It is a release of sort.  I never thought of Tweeting to be so helpful until now.  Cleaning out the attic of your mind!  Just by sitting here one can get so much done and feel so accomplished!  That is why we are all doing this….don’t you think?  Think about it!  Tweet it!

So no one needs to know who you really are or what you are looking for.  It’s all about releasing your inner Tweet….letting go of the cob webs in your head and feeling like you can think a little lighter!  It’s really all about you!  Who else?  You – so do it, go Tweet again, and again……because why?  It feels good and no one needs to know!


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